What is Eli Wesley Trucking About

Over 50 Years of Experience

Eli Wesley

CEO and Founder

Eli and Patsy Wesley started Eli Wesley Trucking in 1973. After years of working as a heavy equipment operator at various companies around Louisville, KY, Eli Wesley bought a brand new 1973 Brockway truck and together he and Patsy started their own company. They Incorporated the company in 1975. It started with a dump truck business and they each took turns driving around the mid-west and southern regions of the United States, delivering a load wherever it was needed. In 1978 they began expanding their business by purchasing a brand new Freightliner, also a ’77 Ford and grew from there. They continued to expand over the years by purchasing additional trucks as their demand increased. They currently have 42 trucks driven by their independent contractors.

In October of 1984, Patsy and Eli welcomed their son Patrick into the world. He has literally been around trucking his entire life. He knows every aspect of the business from repair and maintenance, making sure the freight gets delivered to payments and expenses.

Patrick Wesley


Eli Wesley Trucking Inc. works side by side with their drivers who are independent contractors and along with Freight Distribution companies such as Mercer Transportation. Eli Wesley Trucking Inc. has proven over and over that it is not only a reliable company, but a great company to work for. Many of the independent contractors refer to Eli Wesley Trucking Inc. as a family, because it is.

Eli Wesley Trucking Inc. takes care of their drivers. There are opportunities for employment if you have 2 years over-road driving experience and a safe driving record, or if you are an experienced mechanic. Wesley Trucking relies on it’s truckers to manage their own operations and is essentially “hands-off” unless there is a problem. There is a very low turn-over rate of drivers at Eli Wesley Trucking Inc. because of the independence drivers experience.

Eli Wesley is a Vietnam Veteran and served in the United States Navy for 30 years from 1964-1994.